Retrospective Scenario: 2 Aliens from another dimension

A very unlikely scenario for you and your team to ponder over at your next retrospective. Imagine if two aliens from another dimension got their frequency wrong and came to your retrospective instead of their own? What would they tip? What would they swipe left on?


To get your team to reflect on their latest release, through the eyes of The President. To mix up your retro with a fun, humorous and engaging scenario.



60 mins


Equipment required:

Whiteboard or large paper, post-it notes. Pens.


Retrospective Backstory:

You and your team are in your meeting room on [RETRO DAY OF THE WEEK] about to run your sprint retrospective.

[TEAM MEMBER A] is late as usual and out of nowhere the chatter suddenly grinds to a halt.

As you open your mouth to speak a holographic red beam of light appears from the ceiling in the meeting room all the way down to the table in the middle of the room.

Everybody in the room’s mouth drops - even [TEAM MEMBER B].

A small plate sized saucer appears and hovers down as it reaches eye height.

A small door opens on the left side of the saucer and a tiny bridge the size of a 30cm ruler stretches out horizontally.

Two creatures appear one slug-like and one classic alien creature with arms, legs and massive eyes.

“It’s retro time” The slug-like creature yelled.

“Oops looks like we got the frequency of the spaceship wrong and took the wrong dimensional fork.”




If two aliens were to give a bitcoin tip on the performance of our sprint, it would be…



Two Aliens swiped left on when they found out...

Take all of the comments from the team and place them in two piles (cheer, improve). Stick them up and go through them. Group similar comments. Get the team to vote on the most relevant comments. Create actions where appropriate and assign.

To end the retrospective, take a vote on the funniest relevant comment. That person is declared the winner (STAR) and has the job of planning the next retrospective (you may choose another outcome if you wish).



The Retrospective Game is a brand new card game for team retrospectives. Please share and leave your comments and feedback below. We would also love to hear other scenarios you have come up with.
If you would like to get hold of your own pack, you may purchase it below.


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