Cards Included

TRG comes with 54 playing cards, split into 5 different categories and 10 variations of the basic game for you to play.

There are endless ways to play TRG and of course, we welcome you to find new ways to play and add your own twist to the game! Before that though, it's useful for you to understand the different cards:


Cards Included in The Retrospective Game

 So there are 5 main types of cards split into 3 groups. Here is a description of each type. It's important for you to understand each type and what they mean before you play. Here is a run through:



The context card sets the context of your retrospective and the context in which to answer the questions. These cards have a green background.



The object card is the character of the game and the word found on this card replaces the OBJECT word on the FEEDBACK cards. These cards have a red background.




A feedback card is the main type of the card in the game and is one that the team answer. In the taster pack, we’ve provided you with 3 types (CHEER, IMPROVEMENT, NEUTRAL).

CHEERThis is a feedback card used to cheer something. These cards have a blue background.

IMPROVEMENT: This is a text card used to provide constructive feedback to improve something. These cards have a purple background.

RANDOM: This is a text card used to provide nor positive or negative feedback about something. These cards have a black background.

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