Retrospective Scenario: That time when The President attended our release demo...

A very unlikely scenario for you and your team to ponder over at your next retrospective. Imagine if the president attended your next release demo? What would he love? What would he hate?


To get your team to reflect on their latest release, through the eyes of The President. To mix up your retro with a fun, humorous and engaging scenario.



60 mins


Equipment required:

Whiteboard or large paper, post-it notes. Pens.


Retrospective Backstory:

You head to the office on a typical [WEEKDAY] morning. The sun is shining and the weather is fairly moderate in [CITY/ TOWN]. As you approach the office though you notice something strange. There are a lot of people, a huge police presence and the road leading from the metro/ underground/ bus station to your office building is completely blocked off.

You approach your office building and suddenly get stopped. “Do you work here?” You turn and see a police officer with dark hair gesture towards you.

“Yes I do, what’s going on?” You reply back.

“May I see your company ID” The police officer replies abruptly.

You reach into your jacket and pull out your [COMPANY NAME] identification slightly nervously. The police officer squints looks at your badge, back at you and back at the badge.

“Thanks, that’s great. You need to go via this entrance.” The police officer responds, pointing to a narrow restricted path.

“I’m not sure you will be able to head to your office though. The President is there. Just head to the front entrance and you will be given further instructions”

“The president, what’s happening? I need to get in there ASAP. I have a massive release….today” You shout. The police officer ignores you and turns and starts talking to someone else.

You frown in bemusement, look over towards the path the police officer gestured towards and follow his instructions, taking the path toward the front of the building. As you approach the entrance of the building, you notice a number of unfamiliar faces. Lot’s of hefty looking guys wearing black suits, talking on their radios and looking very serious. Secret service you think to yourself. As you turn back towards the front door you suddenly see some faces you do know [SECURITY GUARD NAME] the security guard and [RECEPTIONIST NAME] the receptionist.

As you enter the building and approach them [TEAM MEMBER NAME 1] from your team yells your name.

“Where have you been? You’re needed in the boardroom immediately.

[TEAM MEMBER NAME 1] shouts.

“What’s going on?” You say.

“It’s about the release.” [TEAM MEMBER NAME 1] stares back at you disappointingly.

“I’m not sure exactly why…but the president is here for the release demo. The entire team and all the stakeholders are in the boardroom, waiting for you…”

You stare back, mouth wide open...your head is spinning. You run up the stairs, lots of thoughts are running through your head as your heart races and feels like it's about to explode. As you enter the room you see the entire team sat down staring at the president.

[TEAM MEMBER NAME 2] is standing at the front of the room and talking through the release.

The president stops [TEAM MEMBER NAME 2] suddenly, his eyes begin to well up...

The President cried tears of joy when assessing our Release and remarked...

[ As a team come up with as many responses as you can to this statement. Use it as a way to cheer as many things as you can about your release. ]


[TEAM MEMBER NAME 2] continued with the demo. The president composed himself as the demo continues. You're almost at the end of the demo when suddenly something strange happens (as if the day couldn't get any stranger.

The president makes a weird face. A loud noise echoes from his stomach and he excuses himself.


"where is the nearest toilet?" he asks [TEAM MEMBER NAME 3].

[TEAM MEMBER NAME 3] gets up and makes a gesture towards the corridor.


"I can show you if you like?" [TEAM MEMBER NAME 3] says. He/she gets up and opens the door. A couple of secret service personnel and the president follow.


As the president and his staff leave the room, there was a huge collective sigh from the team as the tension evaporates with him.

Suddenly [TEAM MEMBER NAME 4]  from your team erupts into laughter. "Wow, that was tense...I wonder what the president ate last night. That was an earthquake."

The room explodes into a roar of laughter. 

"It's a good job he left then...because..."






[ As a team come up with as many responses as you can to this statement. Use it as a way to list all the things that could have been better about your release. Remember this should be done through the eyes of the president. Keep it fun, keep it clean with bonus points going to the person with the funniest and most relevant comment. ]



Take all of the comments from the team and place them in two piles (cheer, improve). Stick them up and go through them. Group similar comments. Get the team to vote on the most relevant comments. Create actions where appropriate and assign.

To end the retrospective, take a vote on the funniest relevant comment. That person is declared the winner (STAR) and has the job of planning the next retrospective (you may choose another outcome if you wish).



The Retrospective Game is a brand new card game for team retrospectives. Please share and leave your comments and feedback below. We would also love to hear other scenarios you have come up with.
If you would like to get hold of your own pack, you may purchase it below.

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