The Retrospective Game (Your Own Customised Game - DEPOSIT ONLY)

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Want your very own customised version of The Retrospective Game for your team or organisation including your branding and assessing your team culture and values?


The Retrospective Game is a card game to understand and assess the value driven behaviours of your teams. The game provides your team with unexpected and funny scenarios to think about when assessing how they feel about the values and principles of their company and team.

Let the GAME begin!


Package Contents:

54 x Playing Cards 

1 x Instructions  booklet

1 x Box Contents card



10 x Value cards of your choice.

Company logo and branding


This product is a deposit of £200 ONLY taken in advance. With the final amount to be determined based on the quantity. 

A minimum quantity of 100 cards may be ordered with a total price of £1200. Meaning a total of £1000 on balance after the deposit is paid.

Free Shipping.


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