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The widely anticipated, grown-up version of the hottest game in the retrospective world?

The Retrospective Game (startup edition) is a hilarious and award-winning card game that is GUARANTEED to improve your team's happiness and productivity and get them thinking outside the box.

Use it to get your team thinking beyond delivery, get even the shyest people chatting, and add LOLs and flair to team progress reviews, retrospectives and performance feedback sessions. Or whenever you're in desperate need of a little bit of evil fun in the workplace.

"Sparked interesting and valuable conversations in the team. Thank you." David C

The game provides you and your team with 1000s of unexpected, funny and frankly bizarre scenarios to explore. All created to help you painlessly gather insights, and improve how you work together.

  • What does Your Mum think of your product?
  • How would your pitch your mission to a journalist?
  • What's your USP??

Let the GAME begin!

The Retrospective Game contains a deck of 52-full colour, hand-illustrated, premium cards, that will - with the help of Mike Butcher, Your team, and Your Mum - help you and your team converse, do interesting activities and discuss. Get started in just 5 minutes with our simple instructions included in every pack.

"ALL we needed to get a really good, and focused, retro." Robb L

The Retrospective Game comes with free worldwide packing and postage.

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